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Independence and Small Press given emphasis on

Independence and Small Press given emphasis on
RIMRIC / COLUMBIA, SC (27 August, 2008)

rimric, a social networking publication and discussion site, has been launched at Developer M.R.M. Parrott says, "rimric has always supported independent writing and publishing, and offers a site for smaller publications and free press releases." rimric's companion site is

Published author of 14 books, M.R.M. Parrott has been active in publishing since the 1980s, development since the 1990s, and first launched, and later, to promote his books. "I've always had an independent streak," he says, "and I like the way books used to be made, when writers wrote the books they needed to write, and either they, or someone they personally knew, published what was written." Parrott sees hopeful signs in the marketplace for wider acceptance of small press titles.

rimric press earned notice in 1998 when it became one of the first small publishers to be included in Barnes & Noble's extended title database. "At the time, it was still considered very odd to publish independently of big media," Parrott says, "despite the fact that small publishing is the way things were done for hundreds of years before media consolidation turned books into non-threatening blockbuster tie-ins. Happily, prejudice against independent writing has started to erode, but we still have a long way to go to gain the basic respect afforded to independent filmmakers, musicians and other artists. As I like to ask, can't writers be free, too?"

M.R.M. Parrott's books include the novel trilogy "Timeless", novella, "To Lie Within the Moment", travelogue "Driving Home", Philosophy and Science series "Dynamism", monographs in Philosophy, and chapbooks of poems and short stories.
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